Who We Are

Mission Statement

Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble (EYTE)’s 
mission and purpose is centered in the voices of young artists to gain confidence and skill in the resilience for developing theater as a powerful place of community building and social justice.

Our Vision

EYTE will execute a series of workshops that not only increases the students’ awareness of performance, film and stage production, but will also activate the students toward community service and value efforts. Expression that reflects a strong sense of place.

Core Values

The Elizabeth Youth Theater Ensemble structures each workshop with an understanding of the following:

  • Discipline is vital to the success of an artist.
  • The arts help increase the social capital of economically disadvantaged students.
  • Sustained involvement in theatre arts encourages improvement in the reading proficiency of high school students with low socio-economic status.

Aesthetic Core

Via live performance and multi-media presentations, the participants will continuously investigate what creative courage is, why it’s vital to their personal success and that of their community.

Acting Focus: Students will be exposed to a variety of acting techniques: Improvisation, Listening, Reacting, and Discipline.

Voice/Speech: Students will work on strengthening their diction and vocal presentation skills with the help of trained Voice and Speech mentors for Film and Theater.

Mind and Body: Students will participate in exercises that will increase levels of focus and attention, the foundation of all performance.

Writing Focus: CREATIVE COURAGE: The goal is to build the students confidence in their ability to write and explore their experiences, thoughts, and their imaginations.

Film Focus: Students will have the opportunity to explore various aspect the film process: acting, writing, directing, cinematography, editing. The students will have an opportunity to work hands-on with industry professionals.